v6Pro Controller with Power Supply


EarthPulse™ v6 Pro Sleep on Command™ controller is the pinnacle of 16 years of R&D. Produces the most powerful and effective pulsed field in the world under 10,000 USD.

EarthPulse™ v6 Pro controller provides 30% more power to the magnet than v.4.7.? Not compatible with v.4 or earlier electromagnets. Includes our latest power supply with reduced EMF.

Includes features:

  • Software controlled amplitude; from 10% – 100%?to help acclimation for EMF sensitive people;
  • 15 Algorithmic Programs including the Manual-Frequency Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours;
  • Addition of 1 hour buffer at 14.4 Hz on all Sleep-Modes, Recover and Manual-Mode to help you wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down;
  • L-shaped cable tips for easier transportability and longer plug life.


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v6 Pro Controller Includes:
One v6 Pro Controller (two outputs)
One 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC Power Supply that will reduce EMF and RF picked up from your building
4 pin adapters for all regions
v6 clear-sided padded travel case.

Compatible with all models released after and including v4.7

You can not upgrade an old 7.5 volt system to a v6 (or later) 12 volt system as magnets are redesigned and old ones are designed for 7.5 volts. They may look identical but they are not and old 7.5 volt magnets will overheat.