EarthPulse™ v6 ProPlus for Couple


The EarthPulse™ v6 ProPlus 4 Magnet system can be used at home by two people as two EarthPulse™ Pro systems with slightly less power and is a great choice for a couple sharing bed and looking for more powerful whole-body PEMF therapy.

EarthPulse™ has been designed with proven and safe frequencies, for all night PEMF application and tunes the mitochondria for maximum metabolic efficiency and thus quicker natural recovery.

Comes with 12 volts power supply for powering from 110-220 volts mains.

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EarthPulse™ v6 ProPlus for Humans 4 Magnet system includes:

  • 1 Pro (15 Programs) controller
  • 4 Electromagnets with Metal Parts & Outer Ring
  • 2 L-tipped magnet splitter jacks (2 distribute signal to 4 magnets from 2 ports)
  • 100v – 240v AC to 12 volt DC power supply that will reduce EMF and RF picked up from your building
  • Zipper travel case

15 Algorithmic Programs in Pro Controller RECOVER-MODE – Up to 12 hours; 9.1-10.1 Hz (centered at 9.6 Hz where it runs for most of the program) is only in the Pro Controller Model. 14 other programs that are included in our Sleep on Command controllers; see v6 or v6 Pro for details of programs.

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